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Buster's Old Time Photos is a family owned business who has dedicated ourselves to providing you the best old time photo experience possible.

The experience of getting your old time photo is the most important part. We will provide you with a great photo to add to your collection to pass on for generations. We use the highest quality equipment as well as photo paper that is guaranteed to never fade.


Our first unique family photo.

This was taken in the 1800s. The man on the left is our Great Great Grandfather and the one on the right is a cousin.

    This photo has remained with our family for many years and will continue.

   What makes it unique is that they decided to have a little fun while having the photo taken.

we want to create that fun photo that will pass down your family for centuries as well.


This is our Great Grampa Demps.

He was known for his fun carasmatic personality.

"Never a dull moment" and slightly good at moonshine making.

Our Great Uncle Buster.

Buster Edwards died at an early age, but before he left, he made a legacy of memories.

He made the journey west during the the great depression.

With charm and size he brought excitement to a not so exciting time of life.

Our Wonderful Grandmother.

Our Grandmother Loucille has spent many years collecting our family history and has done an amazing job sharing our heritage with us.

We dedicate our business and strong ties to our past through her. Thank you Grandma

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